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Hand Helicopter
Hand Helicopter
Local Local


This product was created within 100 miles of our Toronto storefront location. Locally manufactured products reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated by transporting goods across large distances. Supporting local small business, craftspeople and entrepreneurs also helps ensure a stronger economy.
Green Green


This product satisfies at least three of our four green criteria:
1. Manufactured within 100 miles of the store.
2. Created from ecologically sustainable materials.
3. Packaged in an eco-friendly manner.
4. Manufactured in a facility committed to green practices.
Sustainable Sustainable


The materials in this item are part of a cycle that will allow continued production without depleting or using up the natural resources involved.
Recycled Recycled


This has been created in part or in whole using post-consumer recycled materials. Reusing materials to create new products is a great way to redirect materials away from the waste stream.
All Natural All Natural

All Natural

Everything that has gone into this product is completely natural. It has been made without the use of synthesised or artificial materials and chemicals.
Hand-crafted Hand-crafted


This item has been lovingly crafted by the hands of a true artisan. Made in small quantities and with real attention to detail you can see the difference between this and something that has been mass-produced.
Made in Canada Made in Canada

Made in Canada

This is a homegrown product. Created within our borders this product is truly Canadian. From B.C. to Newfoundland we have a wealth of talented artisans and craftspeople and we are proud to carry the fruits of their labours.