Closing Date

Dear friends,

Thank you again for your ongoing support over the past 7-years. Our final day at the store will be Wednesday, September 27th. However, during September, we will have greatly reduced hours since I will be picking my daughter up from Junior Kindergarten. Having a longer closing period, has been ideal since it has allowed us sell off much of our inventory, plus has given our staff a chance to find alternative employment. However, it has pushed back the timeline for our clothing line – which we will now be working on over the winter months. We anticipate reopening in the spring/summer of 2018. As of now, we do not know where we will relocate – but it will be in the East End of Toronto and within walking distance of our current location. In the meantime, we will be selling online at the100milechild.ca, plus at the Evergreen Garden Market, which is located in the Don Valley Brick Works. Until we see you again, Katie


Summer adventures

Summer is packed full of outdoor opportunities to explore and climb, run, swim and splash. We are huge fans of camping and for the first time we took our little ones out to Algonquin Provincial Park for a few days. At 21 months old and 3 years they were superstars. We canoed across several lakes, one portage and then spent time together as a family away from the usual distractions of the city. We saw stars like the kids have never experienced before and true darkness due to the moonless nights. We collected firewood, huddled around a campfire, swam in the pristine waters and climbed rocks and trees. They came home filthy and are better for it.

Now, onto fall!!



Now that our second child is getting more teeth I thought we should highlight some of the things we have done to help him with the discomfort. He has been a particularly drooly little guy when his teeth start pushing through, and has on a couple of occasions developed a rash. We put a drool bib on him to help absorb some, and of course had to change it pretty frequently.

There are a wide variety of chew toys available that have the express job of easing the pressure and pain of teething. We found that a textured rubber chew toy was the most effective. We opted for a pure natural rubber one that he could grip easily and was easily cleaned, not to mention non-toxic.


H20 Fit Swim Classes

We have been meaning to make a mention of our good friends at H20 fit for some time now. They have an outstanding reputation in Toronto and have a nice range of aquafit programs that you can read about on their website. We have been supplying them with the ever-popular Kushies Swim Diaper and have recently become their top provider of January Baby UV swimsuits. We love the swimsuits ourselves and use them on both our little ones. Anyhow just wanted to give them a shout-out.



Super Sophia!

Our good friend and super-artisan Nicole Georgiev and Super Sophia were on Breakfast Television just the other week. We were blown away by her. In her message, Nicole told us:

Sophia celebrated 79 weeks cancer free and spoke those words like a true hero.

Check out the video here:



Evergreen Brickworks Garden Market

We are HUGE fans of the Evergreen Brickworks and are frequent visitors to Chimney Court. Our kids love to explore the area and over the summer months it was rare that we weren’t there at least twice a week and even more unusual for us to come home with clean hands.

Having this resource so close to hand and accessible by a free shuttle bus from Broadview station is great when travelling with two small and children. It is a space in which we can explore the natural world within the confines of a major urban area.

The 100-Mile Child has been a part of the garden market there for a few years now and we are proud to be a part of such an innovative use of reclaimed land. If you are looking for a great way to spend some time outdoors it’s a great spot.